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BIS FileExchange – Managed File Transfer

Secure File Transfer of sensitive data of any size

Gain competitive edge through the secure and traceable exchange of business-critical data

The increasing volume of data exchanged within a company and with partners, as well as ever growing data control and compliance requirements can lead to runaway costs and security issues. Whether file transfers are automated (scheduled) or ad hoc (unscheduled) file transfers, SEEBURGER’s BIS FileExchange provides security, transparency and traceability over any data transfer.

5 Ways Secure Managed File Transfer Can Improve Your Business

Automated and managed file transfer of any files using your current protocols (SFTP, FTP etc.)


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BIS FileExchange – Use Cases

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite for Managed File Transfer supports all manner of file transfer scenarios, and can be utilised on-premise or in the Cloud.

Ad hoc File Transfer (unscheduled)

Using ad hoc file transfer as a secure point-to-point connection instead of unsecure/personal e-mail or rogue services.

Easy to use ad hoc exchange of any data between humans – worldwide.

As simple as e-mail – but secure! BIS FileExchange integrates seamlessly into the desktop environments such as Outlook and Windows File Explorer. Users can also initiate and manage file transfers on the go via the mobile app (iOS and Android) or web portal.

Customer examples:

  • Retail: Transfer of high resolution product images, large PDF catalogues etc. with partners for online business
  • CPG: Cooperation with external advertising/marketing agencies, e.g. Photoshop/Illustrator ad designs, YouTube promotional videos etc.
  • Engineering: Exchange of engineering designs and data between external offices


Parties have controlled access to virtual data rooms where documents / files of any size can be shared either with a controlled lifespan or indefinitely.

Secure and efficient teamwork via:

  • Protected virtual data rooms for file sharing of sensitive information
  • Share/Subscribe to entire folders. E-mail notifications in the case of updates
  • No technical file size restrictions
  • Synchronization of folders

Customer examples:

  • Data room for cooperation and file sharing in project teams, e.g. RFP responses, collateral preparation
  • Secure depository (eSafe) for management and supervisory board information
  • HR: Sensitive data containment, e.g. personnel information, CVs etc.

Automated File Transfer (scheduled)

A permanent communication channel for recurring file transfers of any data between systems and humans.



Setup of file transfer scenarios between systems and humans:

  • Automated file transfer of reports to distribution circles, e.g. price list updates, sales figures, etc.

Customer examples:

  • Engineering: Automated distribution of software updates
  • High-tech: PC manufacturers distribute new system hard-disk images to all sub-contracted manufacturers
  • Retail: Automated file transfer of price lists, sales figures etc. to all outlets

Integrated File Transfer

Case 1: Systems with data and communication interfaces

File and services based integration of ‘intelligent’ systems using standard communication protocols (HTTPS, AS2, FTP, SFTP …).

Customer examples:

  • Automotive: Automated master data transfer between plants and headquarters
  • Manufacturing Industry: Industry 4.0 – transfer production data from CNC machines or production groups in real time to the ERP/SCM systems in aggregated form
  • Engineering: CAx data transfer with connection to a PDM/PLM system
  • Retail: Exchange of sales figures and price lists between headquarters and branch offices

Integrated File Transfer

Case 2: Systems with data – but without a communication interface

For integration with remote systems that have no secure communication capability, SEEBURGER’s small footprint BIS Link module can be deployed. Optional remote configuration and control via the central BIS system means the remote systems will stay current and productive.

Customer examples:

  • Retail: Connection of PoS systems
  • Any industry: Document scanning stations without ‘built-in’ communication have to send OCR data
  • Automotive/Engineering: Software update distribution to machines or engines


BIS FileExchange – Product Features and Benefits

SEEBURGER BIS FileExchange supports all managed file transfer scenarios with the following features:

  • Central

    Secure and governed data exchange with any business partners, systems applications and humans, with complete file transfer management using well-known transfer protocols (FTP, SFTP ...)

  • Secure

    Secure transfer of any file of any size

  • Easy to use

    Users can easily send and receive data from their standard desktop environment via MS Outlook integration, web portal for secure project work among internal and external persons, mobile apps for Secure Data Room management and Windows Explorer integration for drag-and-drop functionality

  • Compliant

    Visibility and control over all file transfer activities (who, when, to whom) ensures full transparency over who’s doing what. Also, integration with DLP providers ensures compliance with corporate policies

  • Controlled workflow

    Dependable workflow-driven file transfer scenarios for automated processing of files

  • Mobile

    Mobile apps enable secure access to shared data rooms and ad hoc file transfer services while connected via tablets and smartphones

SEEBURGER BIS centralizes and unifies B2B, MFT and EAI processes on one single platform that supports all manner of requirements ranging from simple to complex.

All solutions are available through My Cloud a la Carte – Cloud services tailored for your requirements and cost flexibility through pay-per-use. SEEBURGER’s Cloud services are ISO27001 certified and are operated in data centers in accordance with German contract law.

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