B2B Solutions for Industries

B2B StandardSolutions – an industry-specific solution for fully automated Business Partner Integration

Globalized commodity flows aren’t just relevant for large enterprises. Today’s small and midsize companies must face up to the challenge of working as efficiently as possible with an increasingly international spectrum of business partners. The key is to come up with individualized and industry-specific B2B processes that can be monitored and documented continuously. 

Standardized, integrated, industry-specific

SEEBURGER addresses current market requirements and customer needs with an integrated approach: our Business Integration Suite offers standard solutions that are all fully integrated with each other and all run on one technology platform – thereby firmly focusing on the user’s requirements. Consistent adherence to standards combined with industry-specific process enables the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite to add value.

Preconfigured solution – Click to Partner

Our B2B software lets users connect with business partners easily, quickly and automatically by means of a simple concept known as Click to Partner – thereby making it easier to set up connections with new business partners. A preconfigured industry profile takes into account all of the following, which are required for the specific industry:

  • Distinctive process features
  • Communication protocols
  • Mappings
  • Standard print forms

The following industry-specific packages are available:

If required, the available industry profiles can also be used in conjunction with one another.

Benefits of SEEBURGER B2B Standard Solutions:

  • Quick, reliable roll out of a B2B/EDI system with ready-made processes
  •  Permanently low total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to consistent standardization
  • Problem-free expansion and establishment of connections with additional partners “by Click” with preconfigured profiles
  • Comprehensive, field-tested business partner and mapping reference library for multiple industries
  • Standardized process interfaces for secure, flexible ERP connections
  • Ease of use and total transparency with end-to-end monitoring of processes while they run
  • Scalability – from small suppliers to multinational corporations



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