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More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide trust in SEEBURGER solutions

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SEEBURGER – Everything from One Source

With a holistic approach including consulting, design and implementation, our customers rapidly achieve complete automation of business processes and full integration of business partners.

Maximum Benefits

Our customers realize up to 60 percent savings from the elimination of individual manual processing steps, obtain increased data accuracy and more effi cient sped up processes as well as enjoy complete transparency and traceability.

Analyst Evaluations

SEEBURGER solutions are continually assessed by the leading IT analysts such as Gartner, Forrester and Ovum. With respect to its technology, SEEBURGER receives high ratings and is classifi ed as a visionary in the industry.

We Stand For:

  • Innovative, market and customer-oriented product strategy
  • Everything from one source – no patchwork solutions with purchased software
  • Solutions for any requirement, for companies of any size, based on a universal technology base
  • Over 25 years of experience in Business Integration: Consolidated ERP independence providing sustainable investment protection
  • With more than 9,300 satisfi ed customers worldwide and over 600 dedicated employees, SEEBURGER is a market leader in B2B integration solutions

A Central Platform for all Integration Tasks (B2B, EDI, EAI, MFT, ETL, ESB) – Business Integration Suite

In every company, there is a requirement to safely and securely transmit data, which is handled via business processes using structured (EDI) or unstructured formats in a variety of situations such as:

  • Securing important quotes and tenders, ensuring their safe transmission to customers or suppliers
  • Sharing confidential data such a marketing campaign, price lists, construction data, contracts, and delivery information
  • Transmitting and tracking machine and operating data such as extensive logs books and protocols
  • Coordinating and tracking software updates of all kinds
  • Connecting information flows, synchronizing databases, Cloud, Web, Webshops and other applications
  • Protecting sensitive reports to ensure compliance for internal reports or personal data
EN BISuite general Offers and contracts for important customers/large projects Marketing materials Graphics for advertising agencies Cax data for the construction department Cloud-Integration Web-Services Integration from databases, external nodes … Integration into ERP-/Legacysystems Processes & Tools – Tools for further processing/ programming in SAP: Order-to-Cash, Purchase-to-Pay,  Monitor, Workflow Software-Updates for the service department Machine and operating data, Impulse Extensive Log- and data protocols for support departments Strategy papers Financial figures for C-levels Personal data contracts, reports, patient records Confidental data PIN, TAN lists,  money orders EDI with business partners for order processing Business Integration Suite

All Options: SEEBURGER solutions can be installed on-premises or operated on-demand as a private or shared cloud solution. Our SEEBURGER data centers are ISO 27001 certified. Hybrid forms are also available.

With the SEEBURGER »Business Integration Suite,« we offer you a central data platform for the secure and reliable transfer of data and the capability to automatically integrate all business processes with external business partners and internal applications.

The Business Integration Suite supports all information transfer channels with business partners such as EDI, paper, fax and the Web. The Suite converts data into the required structures, runs according to configurable rules and processes to be carried out, links to all renowned ERP systems and databases while monitoring these processes. Confidential and sensitive information of all types is transferred safely and traceably, going over and above for our customers, ensuring fulfillment of compliance requirements.

  • Best and most comprehensive B2B Integration for SAP users
  • Secure file transfer solutions to protect sensitive data
  • Industry tailored B2B/EAI solutions
  • End-to-End Monitoring, Message Tracking

Based on many years of experience, SEEBURGER provides tailored solutions to handle the idiosyncrasies of every industry. The platform is designed to be scalable, suiting changing data volume demands and integration requirements with pre-configured solutions for SMEs to individually furnished and consolidated solutions for enterprises. Furthermore, to ensure fast and secure roll outs, comprehensive content is available in the form of pre-configured mappings, process workflows and extensive business partner network master data.

Solutions for all companies of any size

World’s Best Process Integration in SAP ®

We offer the world's best and most comprehensive integration for ‘‘SAP to Non-SAP’’. In addition, we offer traceable, workflow-driven ‘‘best practices’’, including for the settlement of order-tocash and purchase-to-pay with mobile integration for SAP users. Our SAP Workflow Generator simplifies and speeds up the creation of even the most complex SAP workflows.

The SEEBURGER Console provides transparency in SAP with message handling and monitors throughput times with target monitoring. To correct files with errors, an area is available for the postprocessing of documents by the relevant department.

Our aim is to offer solutions that are maintainable and complementary to SAP systems.

SEEBURGER & SAP ® A Strong Partnership for over 15 Years
Since the time of SAP R/2, SEEBURGER provides comprehensive integration solutions for companies with exisiting SAP systems. Today, SEEBURGER is the only solution provider with a full portfolio offering which covers all B2B market requirements for SAP users – from medium-sized companies to international enterprises.

SEEBURGER received its first SAP certification in 1995. To date, we have more than 50 individual SAP certifications, from the classic EDI certification through to the technically demanding NetWeaver certification. As one of the few exclusive partners whose products are marketed by SAP worldwide, we have been awarded the highest premium qualification product label.


My Cloud a la Carte – ISO Certified Data Centers in Germany

All integration requirements can be realized through SEEBURGER cloud services. Our customers have the flexibility to choose from a variety of options such as shared cloud services to private cloud services with tailor-made service levels in-between. We offer our customers a trouble-free 24/7 operation of the solution by our experienced integration specialists. This special service unit can quickly realize new requirements (such as connecting a variety of new partners), as well as ensure maximum safety of your data in our German data centers according to ISO-certification with disaster recovery options using our standby data center. Your data is processed and secured in accordance with strict German and European law.


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