SEEBURGER Integration Cloud – Connection of Non-SAP Systems

My Cloud "a la Carte" offerings for SAP Users:

  • Integration Cloud for data integration and data management
  • Secure File Transfer from SAP to Non-SAP
  • Real-time SAP-to-Cloud Integration – example: SAP to
  • Order processes for small supplier integration
  • Integrated eMobility – extend workflow from SAP for complete visibility & alerting

Console within SAP: Document Handling, Target Monitoring, Alerting & Processing Station for complete, centralized visibility and control.

Integration Cloud for SAP Customers, Suppliers, 3PLs Service Providers e.g. Healthcare, Finance Mobile Device SEEBURGER Console SEEBURGER Workflow Smaller Suppliers Systems, Applications, M2M My Cloud a la Carte Cloud Applications, Cloud Service Broker e.g. Salesforce

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